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Passion, which everything moves.

Experience, which teaches everything.

Professionalism, which everything determines.

And art, whether it is music, theater, radio, TV and communication.

Because in the beginning there is always an idea, which needs winning tools to realize it.

Like seeds in hands.

And flowers and fruits in life.

This is Pope’s Chair.

Everything, always in the making

Claudio Sisto - Pope's Chair

Claudio Sisto

Artistic activity that began in one of the first private radio stations, in 1978, for the organization of entertainment and music events, as well as conducting in studio voice, cyclically repeated in radio networks first and then in web radios.

Advertising copywriting for early campaigns as a copywriter and creative director in the 1980s, with film set experience, for national and international clients, following the development and application of magnetic first and digital later.

Collaborations as director and author in Rai, from 1990 onwards, as well as responsible for the production of commercials and ad-videos for the Milan office.

Long experience as a director of sports events for Raisport and currently a documentarian for the Teche Rai sector.

Passion for music in organizing major events and festivals and creating video clips: from writing to filming to editing.

Design and creation of multilingual radio/TV formats and institutional videos for large companies and multinational corporations.

Conceiving, writing, and producing art-themed podcasts.

Music Video Productions

Theatrical Productions

Institutional Video Productions

TV Format

Event Organization

Good Return Party

Sunbow Music festival


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